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Archeological Site Apps

Mexico Archeological Apps give you a walking tour of each site. Stay tuned. We will very soon have guides for the major archeological sites in Mexico.

Monte Alban Cover

Monte Albán On-site Guide

Let Your IPAD or TABLET be Your Guide

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teotihuacan cover

Teotihuacan On-site Guide

Let Your IPAD or TABLET be Your Guide

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Road Logs assist drivers as they travel down the highways. They make sure you are going in the right direction and that you know what is coming ahead. They tell you how many lanes, whether there are shoulders or lateral lanes. You will know where to get your visas and permits, where the nearest gas stations are, which side of the street they are on and whether they carry diesel or not.

How about those topes and speed bumps. Got those covered too. Toll roads and costs. Turns and Twists. Military, police and agriculture check points.  Need a place to stop for snacks? OXXO stores are all marked.

And just to keep you amused there are interesting tidbits of information about the towns you will be driving by, trivia and a few jokes to keep you on your toes.

“Just like having a knowledgeable friend driving beside you.” James Bradly Oregon City

“Wouldn’t go anywhere in Mexico without one.” Sarah Swift, Calgary Alberta

“Great for the new driver and still helpful for the experienced one. Even after 15 years on the road, I like to know when to anticipate the next gas station or stop.” Gary Yandle, New York

“I like the commentary. Really funny and well thought out.” Dorothy Bell


Baja Road LogMexico Road Logs – Baja California

Tijuana to Los Cabos Road Log and Driving Guide

Buy your Baja Road Log and Guide for $12.99

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We try to respond within 24 hours but if we are traveling it may take up to 72 hours. DO NOT WORRY. Help is on the way!


Eagle Pass to Puerto Vallarta Road LogMexico Road Logs – Eagle Pass / Piedras Negras to Puerto Vallarta

Via Monterrey, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes and Guadalajara

Price: $12.99


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Gulf Coast to Yucatan Road LogMexico Road Logs – Gulf Coast to the Yucatan

Matamoros to Cancun & Around the Yucatan

Price: $8.99





Laredo to Mexico City Road LogMexico Road Logs – Laredo to Mexico City

Nuevo Laredo to DF via Monterrey, San Luis Potosi and Queretaro

Price: $9.99


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Nuevo Laredo to Puerto Vallarta Road LogMexico Road Logs – Laredo to Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Laredo to PV via Monterrey and Guadalajara

Price: $12.99 

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Nuevo Laredo via Durrango and PV Road LogMexico Road Logs – Laredo to Puerto Vallarta via Durango

New route crossing the Baluarte Bridge

Price: $5.99





Nuevo Laredo to TapachulaMexico Road Logs – Laredo to Tapachula

With Side Logs to Tuxtla Gutierrez, San Cristobal and Palenque

Price: $14.99

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Nogales to Mexico City Road LogMexico Road Logs – Nogales to Mexico City

Via North Pacific, Mazatlan, Tepic and Guadalajara – See Preview

Price: $12.99




Nogales DF tapachulaMexico Road Logs – Nogales to Mexico City to Tapachula

Zig-Zag North-South with Various Side Logs, See Preview

Price: $14.99




Nogales to PV RoadlogMexico Road Logs – Nogales to Puerto Vallarta

Includes Three Sublogs

Price: $9.99




Nogales to TapachulaMexico Road Logs: Pacific Coast – Lukeville & Nogales to Tapachula

From Lukeville & Nogales. Includes Five Sublogs

Price: $14.99