Edzna,  Mayan “House of the Itza” or simply “Itzás”

Edzna Archeology site



The Platform of the Knives

The Patio Ambassadors

The Nohochná (Casa Grande)

South Temple

The Ball Game

The Temple of the Masks

The Small Acropolis

The Great Acropolis

Solar Platform

The North Temple

The Patio Puuc

Old Sorceress

Building of the Five Floors (E5P)

North Temple


Building 512



Open Daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

There is a watchman at the gate who will charge you the standard fee & extra for video cameras.

Admission 2013 48 pesos. Free on Sundays for nationals and Mexican residents.

Allow at least 2 to 3 hours, especially if you like to climb. More if you are a Mayophile!


You can stroll safely undisturbed throughout the site – often you will be the only ones there.  Take good shoes as there is plenty of climbing- and a fair amount memory and batteries for your photographs.

As this is site is in a somewhat remote area, take water and insect repellant. Dress according to the season you are visiting.)


GPS – N19.35.48 W090.13.44


Tours and tour buses go frequently to Etzná from Campeche. Check with your hotel and web.

Drive from Campeche:

Go to the Periferico around Campeche and take the Highway marked Campeche China – Hool. Drive approximately 28 KMs and then turn left onto Highway Mexico 188. Drive 10 KMs and it is on your right.

53 KMs 1 t 1:15 minute drive.