Quiahuizlan Veracruz Mexico Photography

Quiahuizlan Veracruz Mexico Photography The spot where Cortez is said to have landed to begin the conquest of Mexico Photography by Bill Bell

Aztec “Place of the Rains”

Totonac “Precious Stones”


Open Daily from 9 am to 5 pm. There is a watchman at the gate who will charge you the standard fee & extra for video cameras.

Admission 2013 36 pesos. Free on Sundays for nationals and Mexican residents.

Allow at least 1 hour.


You can stroll safely undisturbed throughout the site – often you will be the only ones there.  Take good shoes as there is plenty of walking and climbing. Take a fair amount memory and batteries for your photographs. We recommend you stay on the designated paths as you can easily get lost in the dense bush jungle.

As this is site is in a somewhat remote area, take water and insect repellant. There are no restaurants or food vendors.

Dress according to the season you are visiting.


GPS – N19.40.11 N096.24.54

Drive from Villahermosa:

Take Highway 180 North substantially past Cardel to KM 182. Continue just past El Farallón and you will see signs tot the site on your left. Turn Left and drive a cury narrow road for 2 KMs. You must walk uphill a fair distance.  KM 182. 76 KMs – Approximately 1 hour +