Yaxchilán Chiapas

Yaxchilán Chiapas

Yaxchilán, Chiapas

Yaxchilán, Chiapas

Fast Facts

Culture – Mayan

Dates of Occupation –

Location – Located in Chiapas in the jungle basin of the Usumacita River which separates Guatemala from Mexico. It is approximately 148 kms from Palenque and is accessible only by boat.

First Discovered – Mentioned by Juan Galindo (Soldier, Explorer, Son of the Governor of Costa Rica) in 1833. Explored by Edwin Rockstoh in 1881.


From Palenque a popular tour is bus to Bonampak and Yaxchilán. The cost for this is approximately 700 pesos both ways. This includes the 2 admissions, parking, bus transport, community fee, boat transport and food.

Driving from Palenque:

You can easily drive your vehicle to Bonampak and Migration at the boat launch to Guatemala and Yaxchilán.

Drive from Mexico Highway 199 South from Palenque to the Junction of Mexico Highway 307 and 199. Go to the 307 and drive 135 kms to the Boat launch. You will pass as many as 3 military checkpoints that generally waive you on southbound and check more vigorously going north. (If you go on to Tikal you must check out of Mexico with Migration on the Mexican side at the boat launch which requires your FMT, FM2or FM3 and passport. See Tikal)

Admission – 57 pesos